Playing Up

Playing and/or training up can be a great way for a young player to develop if they have reached a point where they are not being sufficiently challenged in their age group. Generally speaking, if the training staff believe a player needs this challenge they will begin training them up and have them continue playing games on age. If they still need to be challenged further then the trainer will begin to play the player in games with the older group as well. As all players/kids develop at different rates it is very important to continue a relationship (training sessions and games) with their own age group.
MSC Rules on Playing Up:

  • The Boys or Girls Director of Youth Development (U5-U12) in conjunction with the appropriate age group trainers will identify any player who needs to train up.  Once a player is identified they will be monitored by the trainers, the Youth Development Director and the Directors of Coaching. If all agree that a player should be moved up, then it will happen.
  • Please do not request to play up;  the trainers will identify the players.
  • A player will not be granted this opportunity for any other reason than the trainer believes it is necessary for that individual's development. (e.g. player wants to play with those he/she goes to school with does not merit consideration)
  • A player will only play up if they are capable of and can continue to make an impact on the A team of the age group a year above.