Roster Pooliong

The U9-U12 Exploration Phase of our Core Development Program allows for "roster pooling" or flexible rosters as we move through this stage of development.

At U9 players are loosely assigned to teams, but largely train as a group where the focus is on the technical development of the individual player and in turn the age group as a whole, rather than each team.

As we move through U10 and U11 the teams take shape, but we maintain our steadfast focus on the needs of all of the players as individuals and worry not about team success.  We maintain roster flexibility and club carding through U12 to always offer the opportunity for a player to train and play with a higher team in their age group if deserved or to help a player initially on a higher team find the level that best accelerates her/his pace of development.  Many clubs fix their rosters at young ages and players who develop at different rates simply are left without options.