MSC commits Elite Program to USYS National League EDP for 2018-19

MSC commits Elite Program to USYS National League EDP for 2018-19

Massapequa Soccer Club commits to US Youth Soccer National League EDP for the 2018-19 season.


Massapequa, NY (April 26, 2018) -

The Massapequa Soccer Club would like to take this occasion to thank our staff, volunteers, players and families for their commitment to MSC and to our shared goal of making MSC the finest example of a community-based club in the country.  Our commitment is to the families of Massapequa and the surrounding areas to provide a place for all to play. We provide options that range from purely recreational play to the most competitive play outside of the US Soccer Federation Development Academy.  In our efforts to provide not only the most competitive platform for our Elite and Travel players to pursue their dreams of college play and perhaps beyond, Massapequa SC has made a commitment to US Youth Soccer National League EDP with our boys and girls teams (U13-U19) for the 2018-19 season.

Please see the release from US Youth Soccer laying out the US Youth Soccer National Leagues structure:

As part of the release, it is noted that EDP who to date had been associated with US Club has entered into a long-term partnership with US Youth Soccer.  We have determined that the new initiative offered by USYSA and EDP provides the best platform for our most ambitious teams to recognize their potential and for our teams lower down the development path to be placed into the most challenging, but still appropriate competitive level.

The unique structure alleviates some if not all of the issues that a purely club-based initiative might present.  No longer will teams be forced into a “one size fits all” structure. The EDP structure allows for clubs like us the flexibility to enter into a “club versus club” pathway or a “team versus team” pathway or a combination of the two with the end result of multiple opportunities for all of our teams to progress to the highest level of regional and national play and to do so by being guided down a developmentally appropriate path.

The move will further strengthen the Exploration Phase (U9-U12) of our Core Development Program by removing the mandate of out of state travel and play in the U12 age group.  The change will allow MSC to custom tailor the experience at U12 to best prepare the Elite players in the group for U13 EDP National League play and to continue to develop and prepare the rest of our players for the transition to full-sided play.  

We believe our involvement in US Youth Soccer National League EDP will prove fruitful and further demonstrates our commitment to excellence throughout all levels of player development.  We promise our current MSC families and all who come to join us that we will never cease to improve in all that we do and we will remain vigilant and always at the helm in navigating the ever-changing waters of the youth soccer landscape in the United States.

For more information, please see the EDP press release from April 20, 2018, detailing the involvement of the Massapequa Soccer Club.

For those interested in learning more about the decision to move our Elite teams from the NYCSL NPL to National League EDP and how the change impacts our development pathway, please consider attending the next Massapequa SC General Meeting scheduled for Wednesday, May 16th, 8 PM at Birch Lane Elementary School.

4/29/18 Update:  EDP has released a more comprehensive illustration of the changes and benefits of National League EDP which can be found here: EDP Platform Information.