U5-U6 Program Information - Foundation

U5-U6 Core Program - Foundation Phase


  • Sunday Morning Small-Sided Games

    • This hour-long session will consist of fun activities/games with the objective of touching the soccer ball as much as possible.  There will also be 4v4 and 5v5 small-sided games to big goals. There will be some skill instruction from the trainers designed to achieve the objectives described for the program.  While the game-day structure may resemble the adult version of soccer, it is very important to remember the “psychosocial considerations” of the age group as we (as adults) interact with this environment. Ultimately the emphasis of these small-sided games is learning to love the game through lots of touches on the ball and as much goal scoring as possible.

  • Weekly Free Play Session

    • Free-Play is held once per week for 45 minutes. Free-play is a supervised but lightly-structured learning environment that provides children the opportunity to “learn about soccer through play”. While our trainers will help the children organize into groups or teams, they will not stop games to provide instruction.  The trainer’s role in the free-play environment is to provide safety, resolve any conflicts, encourage effort, encourage attempts at skill, keep parents from instructing the game and ultimately to emphasize fun throughout the session.